Fr. Mario Bonfanti, Milan, Italy to Preach

Event details

  • Sunday | July 7, 2019
  • 10:00 am
  • 3276 E Venice Ave. Venice, FL 34292
Special Guest
Fr. Mario Bonfanti from “The Circle” in Milan, Italy
Preaching at SunCoast MCC
Sun. | Jul. 7 10AM
(MCC) is committed to encouraging and nurturing the creation of new congregations internationally. As part of MCC’s Office of Emerging Churches, MCC is training both Clergy and Lay Ministry leaders world-wide to lead vibrant and healthy churches of all types and in multiple languages. Here at SunCoast MCC, our Global Partnerships Team supports this ministry to Emerging Churches through video calls, funds, community connection, sharing of ideas and encouragement. Our current affiliation is with “The Circle MCC” in Milan, Italy, with leader Fr. Mario Bonfanti.  SunCoast MCC Global Ministry has been supporting and getting to know “The Circle” MCC of Milan, Italy.
Fr. Mario Bonfanti left his home near Lake Como, Italy when he was 15 years old to start the process of being ordained as a Catholic priest. He was ordained in Sardinia in 2002. In 2013 a friend was returning from a MCC General Conference and told him of MCC’s interest in starting a church in Milan. He attended the European Network Gathering of MCC churches in 2014.
From that experience, Fr. Mario said, “I finally really found the church I was eager to be a part of for a long time. I immediately felt I was at home, in a sure safe place where I could be fully who I am.”
Upon returning, he began the process of founding an MCC emerging ministry in Milan called “The Circle”, which he has since pastored. Since the Catholic Church has a pyramid type hierarchy, he was determined that this congregation would be equal and together would build their church, hence, “The Circle”.
Fr. Mario will be attending the MCC (Metropolitan Community Church) conference in Orlando where he will hold his interviews to become ordained within MCC.
He will conclude his visit to the US by preaching at Venice’s SunCoast MCC on Sunday July 7 at 10AM. Join us to greet Fr. Mario.