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Gather some bread and juice to celebrate Communion,

and a candle for our time of Prayer

Live streaming is the broadcasting of our Sunday service in real-time using video over the Internet. All you need to be able to live stream is an Internet-enabled device, like a smartphone or a computer.

If you cannot watch the service live on Sunday at 10 AM, a copy of the Service will be available on the Website at Sermons .

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Week 4: Abyss, Mystery, and Wonder Synopsis: The spiritual part of ourselves is a “divine abyss.” It is a dimension that is not touched by words, thoughts, ideas and feelings. Our bodies were made for perceiving the beauty of the world–a flower, a kiss, a stunning and vibrant green hillside, a newborn baby. And yet all the art in the world cannot capture exactly what it feels like to experience the Divine nature of these things. The path of unknowing is to both savor what the senses can take in but also wonder at the mystery of unfathomable depths of even a single atom. For those living a contemplative life, this is a “sweetness of longing and of tasting in which one ceases to praise and becomes pure praise, an unending chant to the divine goodness.” Scripture: Psalm 135: 1-3; 13-21 (Inclusive Bible)


This ministry continues by the Grace of God and your faithful prayers and gifts.  SunCoast MCC, 3276 E Venice Ave., Venice, FL 34292,

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