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“Making Sense of the Bible”

We had a wonderful turnout of 24 for the second class in our series, “Making Sense of the Bible”, based on the book by the same name by Adam Hamilton. Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson led the class and discussion. It’s not too late to join the remaining classes on Tuesday, October, 29, and Tuesday, November 5. We have a brown bag dinner before the class 5:45 pm and the class starts at 6:30 pm. Join Rev. Vickie and Rev. Nancy as they lead us.

The world’s bestselling, most-read, and most-loved book is also one of the most
confusing. Is the Bible ever outdated or wrong? In this series, taught by Rev. Nancy and Rev. Vickie, we give a Biblical overview and address some of the hot button social issues that continue to create deep divisions among denominations.
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