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MCC Founder Rev. Perry Donates Memorabilia to Smithsonian

Moderator Rev. Cecilia at Smithsonian

MCC Contingent at Smithsonian

Rev. Troy Perry making donation to Smithsonian Oct. 6,

To celebrate our 51st Anniversary, Rev. Troy Perry donated many important historical items to the Smithsonian Museum, signing the deeds over this weekend. It was a blessed weekend with so many folks celebrating MCC’s history and continued legacy. As our Moderator, Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston said, “we are history.” Indeed, this was a celebration of our founding but also of our unfolding history of being a healing presence in a hurting world — an unique, quirky, queer priesthood of all believers who band together to create a more peaceful, just, and joyous world where all of creation might one day live in harmony. The weekend was full of stories, tears and laughter recalling the first and early days of this legacy.

Here are some photos of worship on Sunday at our amazing hosting congregation, MCCDC, and some photos of taken at the Smithsonian Museum of American History where the gifts — or blessings as Katherine Ott the curator called them — were entrusted to the Smithsonian Institution.

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