Meet Our Ministries and Teams

SunCoast MCC offers a variety of ministries and teams where members and friends can participate and volunteer their talents, interests and time. The ministries and teams offer a mix of opportunities including volunteerism, networking, or leadership. Below is a summary of the ministries and teams at SunCoast MCC.  If you are interested in learning more about any ministry/team, please contact


Every Sunday and nearly every special service, this team arrives early to the church to dress and then later undress the altar with the communion elements.   While maintaining the supplies for Communion, this team prepares the Altar for Sunday and special services when Communion is celebrated.

Board of Directors

Consists of the two Senior Pastors and six members who are elected at the annual congregational meeting to terms of varying lengths to serve the congregation.  They are responsible for the financial health of the church, strategic planning, facility management and general operations.

Building Maintenance

Perform many of the odds and ends jobs around the church:  hanging a picture, repairing a door lock, changing a light bulb, etc.   If you have those Jack or Jill skills, this is a great place to volunteer your time.

Choir and Praise 

Meets weekly for rehearsal to prepare special music for Sunday worship and special services.

Church Cleaning

Assist by tidying up the church following Sunday services. They empty trash, sweep and mop floors, wash windows, etc. Their work is supplemented by a professional cleaning service which comes in bi-monthly.


Works in tandem with Marketing and many ministries to coordinate all the publicity surrounding upcoming events.   The team selects artwork to use in the programs, advertisements, thank you notes, etc. and ensures content is accurate, timely and consistent.

Communion Servers and Acolytes

Each Sunday during worship, these members serve us communion, offer us prayers of blessing and/or hold the elements for the servers.   Both positions require training.   Once trained, the servers and acolytes are scheduled monthly according to their personal availability.

Congregational Care

Lives and models the value of a church community loving and caring for one another. Consists of a group of individuals with life experiences and gifts in caring for people at many different levels.  When our SunCoast MCC congregants are hospitalized, ill, grieving or in need, the care team makes calls and visits and offers prayers, communion, and support.  Those who serve feel called to love and serve our congregants, so please contact the church office whenever you have a need so the team members and pastors can support you and provide encouragement and care.


Servants of Jesus Christ, serving in and through the church, as a partner with the Pastor(s), enabling the church to fulfill its Mission, Vision, Values and Ministry.   One priority for the Deacons is congregational care, and they spend many hours visiting and caring for those in need. The Deacons also work on developing and implementing worship services, mentoring, training and teaching. The deacons are the “keepers” of the prayer box and prayer wall, and regularly pray for those who have requested prayer.


Each week, SunCoast MCC publishes an electronic newsletter which provides information on upcoming events in the life of the church along with information from the denomination and notices of events in the general community.  This service is also used to provide special notices of events and communication from the Pastors and the Board of Directors.

Financial Recorders & Counters

Weekly the counters gather to count the Sunday offerings.   This information is recorded and then given to the financial recorders to enter into our database.   This program records all giving and is used to supply congregants with financial statements at the end of each year.


Plans special events to supplement the church’s income from offerings and special gifts.  Cruises and special entertainers are among the more popular events planned.   Quarterly dances are also coordinated and are a good outreach to the community.


Responsible for the fellowship time following each worship service and for special events.   They prepare, set up and break down the goodies that congregants bring to share weekly and coordinate special meals when needed.


Meet monthly to beautify the grounds. They handle mowing, mulching, weeding, and all the other tasks to make the SunCoast MCC property attractive and functional.  They have established an Adopt-A-Plot program to encourage congregants to adopt a particular garden/area on the grounds and develop it into a natural sanctuary for everyone to enjoy.

Lay Delegates

Elected to represent SunCoast MCC as voting delegates at General Conference (which occur every 3 years) and Florida Network gatherings (which occur annually).   They keep the congregation abreast of news from the denomination and from MCC’s in the area.

Lectors and Readers

Each Sunday the scripture readings are read by congregants.  Other reading parts are also an important part of each service:  Call to Worship and Living Our Faith (announcements).  Brief training is required for those interested and skilled to be a lector/reader.


Accepts appropriate book donations for SunCoast MCC. They catalog the books and keep the library in order.

Liturgical Arts 

Enhance the worship space for the various liturgical seasons of the church year.  Our team members may also prepare special displays for sermon series, food collections, Advent and Christmas with altar covers, banners and liturgical vestments.

Missions/Global Partnerships

Coordinates our outreach and affiliation with an emerging church within MCC.  The team supports this emerging ministry through video calls, funds, community connection, sharing of ideas and encouragement.  Our church’s current affiliation is with “The Circle MCC” in Milan, Italy with leader, Father Mario Bonafanti.


Prepare and display our projected slides for Sunday morning worship and special events, working closely with the Pastors and Director of Music. They also add videos and create power point presentations to accompany the announcements.  A database of worship music is also maintained, and as needed help is provided to the Pastors by recording videos for use in social media and worship services.

Office Support

Contribute hundreds of hours of vital administrative and technology support such as, photocopying, preparing name tags, addressing envelopes, etc.  Assist with the day-to-day operations of the church.  Their on-going support allows the church to operate smoothly and efficiently.


Available during services and events in case of a medical emergency.   The nurse also serves as a resource for those who have health questions or need a health advocate.

Prayers of the People and Prayer, Care, Share Ministers

These ministers offer prayers in two settings:   one group offers the public prayers which are heard from the pulpit on Sunday mornings and the other group offers personal prayers for individuals with a personal prayer request.  These Prayer, Care, Share Ministers can be found by the Tree of Life following each Sunday morning service.


Plans and coordinates the various activities that make up the life of the church.   Events range from concerts and church outings to game night and craft activities as we work to meet the educational, social, service, and social justice areas of church life.  The group usually meets once a month and welcomes new members and new ideas.  Some of the previous activities have included a Creating a Life That Matters class, Simply Faith Gospel Trio Concerts, monthly Let’s Be Creative classes, potlucks and game nights, the New Year’s Eve Dance, a monthly hosting of Bobbi’s Coffee Hour, and a variety of other activities/events.

Risk Management

Assesses the safety and security of our facility and maintains a presence for security purposes during worship services and church events.  They also serve as a liaison with the Sheriff’s Department for special training or resources.

Special Committees and Teams 

Convened to accomplish a specific task or event.  These teams have included the Building Assessment Committee, Lobby Renovation Team, Homecoming, Venice Pride, and Pet Memorial Committee.


Designs and coordinates the church’s stewardship program in an effort to assure that our offerings are sufficient to meet our church expenses.  Generally, each year the team invites congregants to make pledges in areas vital to the church:  presence, service, spiritual growth, finances, prayer, and witness.   This same team also oversees the Pillars program which includes additional monthly offerings from individuals who wish to contribute extra funds specifically for our monthly mortgage expense.

Trans-Life Support Group

Available for all members of the Transgender Community and provides a safe place to discuss relevant issues for both church members and those from the community and provide support to one another.  The team meets monthly at the church.


Exercise the gift of welcome and hospitality by greeting people, distributing bulletins and helping with name tags as people enter our sanctuary.  Ushers also prepare the worship space, assist with the collection of offerings and direct communion.

Website and Other Media   

Contains a wealth of information about our church and is the home of weekly postings of the Sunday sermons.  Photos of special events and sermons are also frequently posted on Facebook and on our Twitter page.  Currently, this team live streams our weekly worship services.  This ministry includes the creation and maintenance of the SunCoast MCC website, YouTube and Facebook sites, are responsible for church press releases and works with the Communications Team to publicize SunCoast MCC events in a variety of media.

Welcome Ministry

Vital part of conveying SunCoast MCC’s welcoming culture. Responsible for welcoming congregants and visitors every Sunday.  Since the Welcome Team ministers make the first impression on our guests, our goal is to make them feel welcome and comfortable.    Newcomers receive a welcome packet, small gifts, and information about SunCoast.

Worship Scheduling

Acolytes, communion ministers, readers who offer prayers and do the announcements are scheduled on a monthly basis after communicating via email their individual availability information to the scheduler.