A Loving Note From
Rev. Vickie Miller and Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson
November 19, 2018
Dear Congregation Family and Friends,
Thanksgiving is one of those sacred holidays that has an uncompromised message: Give Thanks! Maintaining an outlook of thanks and gratitude, as we know, is one of the most sustaining and healthy life choices we can make.  
At SunCoast MCC, we have much for which to be thankful, both in our personal lives and in the life of our church. Having recently hosted the Inaugural Venice Pride, our team gathered afterwards for a review, ending in a circle to offer thanks. We were thankful for the weather, for the support of the mayor and commissioner, for the many well-behaved pets, for making many new friends and acquaintances, and for a safe and joyful event. But mostly, we were thankful for each other. We noted how many people from church volunteered and how well we worked together to support our common mission.
Those characteristics are something that we, as your pastors, are thankful for each day! Thank you for supporting us personally in the so many different ways that you do. Thank you for upholding each other, in times of stress, illness and difficulty, but also in the times of celebration and joy. Thank you for the ways in which you provide for the church’s programs, facilities and services. In short, thank you for caring!
May this Thanksgiving holiday resonate within you the joy of gratitude, as together we count our blessings and give thanks to our wonderful, gracious God.  
Grace and Peace,
Rev. Vickie Miller | Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson
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 Pastoral Letter from SunCoast MCC 

Dear Friends,
During the weeks of August, our preaching series has focused on the
of aging. Though SunCoast may be following the trend of churches across the U.S. with an increasing average age of its members, we find that SunCoast is very much young at heart and full of energy. Our church is bubbling with activities, events, and a joyful spirit, and in reality, we are attracting new and younger people each month which is encouraging.
With our church being situated in a growing retirement community, could it be that one of our primary church missions might just be to become really good at ministering to those in their later years? Finding purpose, new passions, social connection and a re-connection with our spiritual lives is a gift that our church can offer to those who are entering into life transitions. There are challenges in all stages of life -relationships, regret, limitations, letting go. And, there is always so much more to do in life – learning, outreach, transformation, and newness. Time really can be on our side, no matter our age, when we accept the challenge and fill our time well and with purpose.
We will continue to explore together the topic of aging in a four-week book discussion class that begins on September 19 at 6 pm. Our resource will be the
The Gift of Years: Growing Older Gracefully by
Sister Joan Chittister. We hope you will join us.
Sister Chittister writes, “What doesn’t have personal meaning becomes less and less important to us as the years go by…It is the shaping of the soul that occupies us now.” We pray that the experience you encounter at SunCoast helps to shape your soul.
Grace and Peace,
Rev. Nancy                                             Rev Vickie