Calm and Bright: 200 Years of Silent Night
Join Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson
Fourth Sunday of Advent

“We are living in the days of the winter darkness. We wake up to starlight, the moon hangs overhead….We have acclimated to the darkness, redeemed it with books and candlelight and coziness. We think we’re fine…we think the weather doesn’t matter that much to us, and we are used to it…! We find each other in the darkness and we redeem it, baptize it with our imaginations, absolutely, but then….Oh, then comes the day when the sun rises in the sharp brittle light of near winter mornings when there are no clouds in the sky. Light a candle named Hope because it is still dark outside. But…there are glimpses of the Kingdom still breaking through. There is light enough by which to live: speak hope.

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