“Can God Save the Methodist, the Catholics, and the Southern Baptists?”

As followers of Jesus in the 21st Century, sometimes it seems like Christianity – the Church – has given God a bad name. It is no wonder that so many have turned away, saying they are “spiritual, but not religious.”
When faith leaders and organizations turn out whole communities, when they cover up abuse of children, and prey upon the vulnerable, we have to ask how are we, MCC, to respond? When churches exclude, abuse or preach hate, do we just ignore them?
As Lent approaches, we need a global church fast, a time out, a call to repentance and justice. That would be true leadership.
On this Transfiguration Sunday, what does Jesus’ leadership teach us about serving our people with authenticity, courage and love?  What would Jesus say to churches that fail to live up to the gospel message in our times? What would Jesus have us, SunCoast MCC, do to follow him more closely and lead with love?

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