Easter Worship Service

Join Rev. Vickie and Rev. Nancy as they begin this mornings service at Sunrise.

Announcements for SunCoast MCC Live Streaming Sunday April 12, 2020

According to our best information, we will continue to Live Stream for many weeks, possibly, until we get word that it is safe to assemble again.
If anyone needs help with errands, with getting food or supplies, or if you need to talk with someone, call the church, or email us, we have a team that can help! Please do not hesitate to contact the pastors, or staff, if you need prayer or support.
Please consider joining our online class on Tuesday evenings at 6 PM, instructions to join using Zoom, and the readings, are included in the regular communications from the church.
Continue to take all precautions, stay at home as much as you can, wash your hands.
If you have not joined our Facebook SunCoast Sanctuary group, please do, the link is on every E-clips email you receive from us.
Our church staff will continue to monitor the phone, and be present at the office, but for fewer hours.

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