“Enough for the Vision: The Miracle of the Open Table”

“Enough for the Vision:
The Miracle of the Open Table”
Sunday | October 7 | 10 AM
Beginning this week, our worship services will be enhanced with special liturgy about MCC’s 50 years of worship, love and justice together.This week’s service is inspired by our first decade 1968-1978.

  • We will gather around the Table bringing all we are to our family of choice.
  • We will celebrate Christ who invites us to the Table and accept the invitation with our fullest of selves.
  • We don’t all agree; yet, we gather anyway to create a unique, messy, complicated family of believers who comfort and challenge one another.
  • We will celebrate the vision of MCC that began in a humble living room and spread throughout the world as we consider new ways, we are all called to invite more family members to the Table.
Readings―1st: “
Don’t Be Afraid Anymore” by Rev. Elder Troy Perry; 2nd: from Nicodemus Monologue by Mark Diller Harder inspired by John 3:1-21.

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