“Enough Hope for the Vision”

This week’s service is inspired from MCC’s fourth decade 1998-2008. When Canada became the first country to recognize same-sex marriage, we celebrated in Calgary. Our story continued with a newly elected Moderator installed at the US National Cathedral. We yearn to explore ways that everyone feels welcome at the table, with their fullest selves, particularly our transgender siblings. We celebrate our children and teach them to be great leaders. We hope for the day when there are no wars or violence, no one is left on the margin, and terrorism is a thing of the past.
Rev. Nancy Wilson speaks about Hope as the engine of change in our world, and how it is what gives love and faith energy and stamina. Where does hope come from? What are stories of hope that inspire us? Hope, in the midst of despair, has been a hallmark of MCC over the last 50 years. Godly hope fuels our commitment to the vision of SunCoast MCC as we face the challenges of today. Hope leads us to the future that God has planned for us, and we are ready to go there!
Readings : “The Judge and Her Wife” from I Love To Tell the Story, Romans 5:1-8

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