“It’s a Wonder-Full Life: Looking at Money and Meaning by Looking Back”

“Looking at Money and Meaning
by Looking Back
(Week 1 of a 4 Part Series)
Rev. Vickie Miller
Sun. | Oct. 6 | 10AM
Our October worship series is inspired by the classic film, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” In the movie, a crisis of money creates vastly diverse reactions from several characters that can hold up a mirror to our own relationships with money. In this four week series, we will “look” squarely in the face of our money issues in compassionate ways that can offer more depth of meaning, healing, and wholeness and a whole new “outlook” on what constitutes a wonderful life.
During this first week we will “look back” with George Baily at those moments of discouragement and fear about money with compassion for ourselves and others and a faith that reminds us of our true worth.

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