“Signs and Birthpangs”

Join Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson’s as she explores the topic of
“Signs and Birthpangs.” As our church year begins to wind down, we hear these mysterious words of Jesus in Mark. Jesus is encouraging the disciples to look around them, to read “the signs of the times,” to see in the chaos of the world a disruption of the status quo, the birthpangs of a new age.
He also warns them not to be led astray. What voices in our world are mis-representing the good news of Jesus today, and how do we speak up for the Jesus we have come to know? How do we discern the “signs of our times” today? How do we trust God, and what we know about God? What is God up to, and giving birth to today?
We will also remember and honor Transgender persons who have lost their lives because of hatred and fear. How can we embrace the courage and identity of Transgender people in our community as a “sign of our time?”

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