The Beauty of a World Without a “Why”

Join us as we gather virtually and Rev. Vickie brings this week’s message The Beauty of a World Without a “Why”, at 10:00am.
Gather some bread and juice to celebrate Communion, and a candle for our time of Prayer.

Week 5: The Beauty of a World Without a “Why” Synopsis: The beauty in other beings exists completely for itself–not for any reason other than that the joy of existence is the purpose of life. When we accept this non-utilitarian goodness, we tune into the raw delight in the world. “Beauty decenters our ego by helping us realize that life is its own justification.”

As we let go of how everything relates to us, serves us, benefits us, we begin to appreciate all things for their own worth and beauty, and our desire for their flourishing intensifies. When we turn this idea onto our own selves, we can let go of the expectations of others and the societal standards of beauty in regard to our own worth.

Scripture:  Song of Songs 4: 1-7 (Inclusive Bible) Look at you—so beautiful, my dearest! Look at you—so beautiful!

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