“The Outsiders: The Distressed”

This season we are exploring our connection and responsibility towards those of our neighbors who are “Outsiders” – something many of us know about personally.

This week we focus on a scripture story that describes a man whose demons forced him to live on the outside of community. The story is not only an ancient tale. So many struggle with demons that hold our spirits captive. The stigma of this torment keeps us separated, holding life at arm’s length.

Transformation and healing is possible but it may need to start with the work of compassion and truth-telling. How can we stay in conversation, not running and hiding from the reality and pain of mental illness in our communities and be the healing salve of Jesus’ presence?

This dynamic series, “The Outsiders” continues for two more weeks. On July 7 the sermon will focus on “The Wanderer” and July 14 the focus is on the “The Unexpected Neighbor”.

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