The Outsiders: The Wanderer”

This season we have been exploring our connection and responsibility towards those of our neighbors who are perceived as “Outsiders.” This week we focus on the traveler who is always an outsider — visiting new places and adjusting to customs and cultures outside their own experience. Sometimes wanderers are also refugees. Jesus warns the disciples that not everyone will welcome them on their journey. But it is the places of welcome where an outsider becomes an insider. Let us embrace those places, find them and create them for others.
Here at SunCoast MCC, our current Emerging Church affiliation is with “The Circle MCC” in Milan, Italy. We support them through video calls, funds, community connection, sharing of ideas, prayers and encouragement of Rev. Mario and his church.
Rev. Mario is currently attending MCC’s General Conference where he completed his interviews and was ordained within MCC. He concluded his visit to the US, by preaching at SunCoast MCC on Sunday, July 7 at 10AM. Please join us in extending a warm welcome and congratulations to Rev. Mario.

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