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SunCoast holds Drive Thru Blessing April 29

Rev. Nancy and Rev. Vickie held a Drive Thru Blessing Wednesday, April 29 at the church from 4:00 till 6:00pm with support from the Board of Directors.

VENICE, FLORIDA: On Wednesday, April 29, SunCoast MCC held its first Drive-In Blessing from 4PM to 6PM. SunCoast MCC has been active in the Venice, Florida community for over 25 years. The Sr. Co-Pastors, Rev. Vickie Miller and Rev. Nancy Wilson hosted a Drive-In Blessing, as a way, to engage the congregants in a spiritual but safe way practicing physical distancing.

Why a Drive-In Blessing?

Rev. Vickie shared. “We decided to hold a Drive-In Blessing because we know there are many who are feeling isolated and miss their church family. The Drive-In Blessing was a way for anyone to pass by the Church and experience that heartfelt connection we share at SunCoast MCC. We also did it for Rev. Nancy and myself. We needed that encouragement because while the congregants see us on live-stream every Sunday, we don’t get to see them.”

The Drive-In Blessing drew a steady flow of cars coming to the Church. About 60 visitors drove by with some bringing their pets and others dropping off food & hygiene items for CHAPS a local food pantry that SunCoast MCC supports. A couple even had their rings blessed.

Those that were able to stop by were excited to see the Pastors and Board members cheering from the sidelines. SunCoast MCC is more than a church home for many. It is also a place where many have formed friendships, receive congregational care and do volunteer work for a variety of causes.

How Did the Event Go?

Rev. Nancy said, “I was pleased with the afternoon. As I watched the cars arriving to the church, I was surprised that several people were teary-eyed, as was I. Some were tears of joy and others had tears of how this pandemic has affected their lives and disrupted the lives of so many throughout the world. I felt encouraged, renewed and a real sense of joy to see everyone and to hear their stories. But mostly, that Rev. Vickie and I could bring some words of encouragement and love.”

What’s Next?

We continue to monitor the COVID-19 daily reports and have started some preliminary discussions on a path to reopening. Any approach to reopening will include but not be limited to getting feedback from the congregants, looking at what other Florida churches are doing, and reviewing COVID-19 guidance and resources by MCC, the CDC and other medical experts.

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