Baptisms, Weddings, Celebrations of Life and Other Ceremonies


Suncoast MCC is honored to serve you and your family during your times of greatest joy and deepest sorrow.  We perform Baptisms, Weddings, and Celebrations of Life for our congregation, their families and friends.  The pastors can help you personalize the services to best meet your needs.




Baptism is celebrated as part of our worship together and is available upon request. Baptism is considered a Sacrament in MCC as in other Christian churches.  For membership within Metropolitan Community Church, baptisms that were performed by other denominations are recognized; however, for those who request baptism for the first time or wish to be re-baptized, MCC performs multiple forms of baptism from sprinkling to immersion in the waters of one of the area’s beaches.  Persons desiring baptism should schedule a time to meet with the pastor to get more information about these services.


Wedding/Commitment Services


Wedding or commitment services can be hosted at SunCoast MCC and officiated by one of our pastors. We do not discriminate based on the gender/sexual orientation of the couple.  The church also has a fellowship area with a kitchen that can be used for a reception with family and friends following the event. Persons desiring a wedding or commitment ceremony should call the church office for more details and receive information about any related costs.  A pastor will then schedule a time to meet with you to begin planning for this joyous occasion.


Celebration of Life (Funerals and/or Memorials)


SunCoast MCC is here for you when the sorrows of death surround you.  A Celebration of Life (funeral and/or memorial) service is a way for family and friends to gather to honor the life of a loved one and to remember and celebrate the deceased’s life and journey.  Persons desiring a Celebration of Life service should schedule a time to meet with a SunCoast MCC pastor who will work with you to create a meaningful service.



Other Ceremonies


The Rite of Blessing is a special ceremony offered by SunCoast MCC.  This is a specific blessing for persons, things and relationships. This may include one’s home, pets, rings, families, church buildings or leaders, etc.  Those wishing the Rite of Blessing on their home or other item or relationship may have a deacon or pastor offer these special prayers at your residence or at the church.


A Pet Blessing service is a tradition at SunCoast MCC, generally held in the Fall, and is a special ceremony to which individuals may bring their pets for a time of blessing and socializing.


A Pet Memorial Service is a tradition held at SunCoast.  It is organized and led by members of the congregation.  It is a time to remember your deceased pet and to honor them and the wonderful times you shared here on God’s earth.




SunCoast Membership classes are held throughout the year.  During that time you will meet other congregants seeking membership and learn about Metropolitan Community Church and SunCoast MCC from their origins to now.  A variety of topics about both our denomination and SunCoast MCC include our history, mission, values, Statement of Faith, structure, sacraments, volunteer opportunities, and stewardship.  A booklet detailing much of this information is distributed to participants, and there is time for questions and answers.   The pastors and other church leaders facilitate this class.  On the assigned Sunday, new members participate in the Rite of Membership during a worship service.

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Lay Delegates are elected by each MCC church to represent the congregation, a key leadership
position, connecting the local church to the wider church. Your ministry is an important one, as
you enable the members of your local church to take part in the democratic process of our

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Trans-Life Support, SunCoast MCC

A group dedicated to all members of the Transgender Community. The purpose of the group is to provide a safe and welcoming place where all are free to discuss any issue. The group creates an opportunity to find out more about “ourselves” and the “journey we have been traveling or are about to take”. It is a chance to finally feel free to “express one’s feelings” and “dress according to the preferred gender”.

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