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Veterans Day! Thank you to all who have served!

Thank you to our members and friends who have served!

Roger M.-Navy

Greg H.- Coast Guard

Terri Q. -Air Force

Sharon V. F-Women’s Army Corp

Debie J.- Air Force

George W. Army

Jerry F.- Air Force

Cindy L.- Army

Joe D. – Army

Ron S.- Army

HR Nicholson – Air Force

Eve B. – Army

Maggie B. -Navy

David F. – Army

Connie K. –

Bill B. – Navy

Gloria B. – Marines

Jack H. – Navy

Sandie S. – Army

Ron S. – Marines/Air Force

Toni W. – Army

Peter B. – National Guard

Ray K. -Reserves

Bruce O. – Navy

Please email the church office to ensure we have everyone listed!

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